How To Approach Your Target Market

Web designers/developers have a lot more to learn about target marketing than what other business owners do. This is because they have two levels of responsibility in this area.

Direct Target Market

The direct target market for web design companies is their own clientele. These professionals have to learn about the clients they intend to market. Therefore, they have to apply many of the same metrics that they will later use when developing business websites for their clientele.

Some web designers like to specialize in what industries they want to build websites for. Every industry has their own expectations for their websites. Many people don’t realize there are many different types of websites which include the popular ones which are;

  • Personal websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Political websites
  • Corporate websites
  • News websites
  • Consultation websites
  • Payment Gateway Websites
  • Writers Websites
  • Government Websites
  • Community orientated websites

Each of these can be considered as individual industries with many of them have sub-categories. For the web designer, they have some big decisions to make as to which of these they want to specialize in and if so then who is the specific target market.

Indirect Target Market

The indirect target market is the market that the website has to appeal to for the websites they are building. Although the web designer is not responsible for reaching these markets they are responsible for the website delivering what the market is going to expect from the website. This means the designer/developer has to be familiar with this. They will gather much of this knowledge from the client themselves but also by researching what the competition in that particular industry is doing.

The Target Market Approach

Once the website has been designed with the target market in mind the next task is approaching the market. This now comes under the responsibility of the marketing tactics. There will be ideal places to approach the target market. The business owner has to be aware of these.